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Coffee Roast Types

Light/City Roast

Dropped during the last stages of, or just after, first crack. A light bodied coffee with very high acidity. Acidic, winey, sweet and juicy, with floral and fruity aromatics, hints of caramel, and light body. Can be grassy, lemony, and tart if not developed adequately.

Medium/Full City Roast

Dropped just before second crack and has the appearance of surface oils. It offers a pleasing balance of moderated acidity, mellow caramels, and ame dium body. Caramel, with ripe fruit and medium body.

Dark/Viennese Roast

Dropped in the early moments of second crack, when oil has just begun to migrate to the bean surfaces. Has a bittersweet, caramel, pungent, and often nutty or spicy, with heavy, syrupy body.

Our Story

Our story began in 2008 in a stretch of land in middle America, called the Sandhills.  Just like the weather, people raised here are tough. A work ethic and no-nonsense attitude was a necessity here. That ethic and attitude carried over to the food and drink as well, but in our world, it was coffee…