Our Process


The Art of Micro Roasting

To a coffee lover, the roasting process is nothing short of magic. Dense, dull-tasting green beans change into brown beans that release an amazing fragrance. During roasting, countless reactions and caramelization brown the beans and create hundreds of new taste and aroma compounds. The roasting process also makes the beans brittle enough to grind and porous enough to allow water a extract their flavors.

At Jim Bean we roast our coffee with a small batch roaster and manipulate time and temperature to enhance the unique flavors of the bean. Each coffee is approached differently and tested for the best profile based on origin and unique characteristics of the bean. Roasting is done as needed in order to preserve freshness. Beans are sealed in gusseted bags and kept in a cool, dry environment and delivered to the customer as fresh as possible. The small batch approach allows Jim Bean to control this freshness so that when you open a bag of Jim Bean Coffee you will experience a great tasting cup of coffee.