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Colombian – Supremo


Freshly Roasted 14oz Bag
Please see details below to learn more about this bean and where it comes from.


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Name: Colombian – Supremo

Origin: Colombia

Region: Huila

Altitude: about 5000 feet

Cupping Notes: Hints of cocoa, with soft cranberry – like acidity. Balanced, medium body. Refreshing finish reminiscent of cherries.

About this Coffee: The temperature variations during the day and night are essential to the quality of this Colombian. The low nighttime temperatures, associated with relatively high altitudes, reduce the coffee bean ripening rhythm and give it higher levels of acidity and very particular sweet notes. Colombian – Supremo is the largest screen size Colombian available. This is an extra area to give more details either about product or other recommendations and links.

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Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 3 × 3.8 × 6 in


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